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MIAClan.net Gaming Community TeamSpeak Viewer

Battlefield Heroes

Yes, another year, another EA game.

Battlefield Heroes is unlike any previous Battlefield game out there. Many of you have probably already heard of it. In fact, its been around for quite some time.

Battlefield Heroes had been in the closed beta for almost 2 years. Then, this summer, Battlefield Heroes open beta was released! The game is different and unique from any game Dice has done. A cartoon-style third-person shooter, this games gives players a classic enjoyment of what players have grown to expect from the Battlefield series, while adding a less serious and more humorous note. This has been both a curse and a blessing to the game.

People enjoy it for the third-person laid back style of game, while many gamers despise it for the third-person view. However, the game has a lot going for it. One of the very nice things about the game is it is free-to-play. I failed to tell you that didn't I? Yep, the newest Battlefield game is entirely free-to-play!

The game scores a 9 in my books. Its a great game, sometimes serious, sometimes laid-back, and provides something for everyone.

Graphics are decent. I can't say that they couldn't have done better, but for intentionally having cartoon-style graphics, the graphics are good.

Game-play is like any other game. Shoot the enemy, and hope you don't die. Doesn't get any simpler than that.

Characters are divided into different types: Gunner (Big, slow, massive HP, but powerful), Solider (All-around balanced), and Commando (Small, Lighting quick, weak HP, but packs a punch). You can have up to 4 characters per EA account, and heroes cannot be deleted.

One of the nice features of the game is character customization. You can put a hat, weird shirt, and gloves on your hero, you just go fight in your undies!

Now, many of you who know most free-to-play games, knows there always something that costs a few bucks. After all, the company's got to make a profit somehow, right? Well, character customization is where they make their dollars. Some most items cost a few dollars to purchase, but a lot don't. EA has a great non-costing system with Valor Points set up. Valor points can be earned in-game by playing, completing missions, and leveling up. These hard-earned Valor Points can then be used to buy weapons, clothing, and bandages (to heal your character!).

There's not much more I can say, other than to try out the game. Play a few round, get owned, and call someone a noob.

"Go be a Hero!"

-Views expressed are solely those of the writer. They do not express the views of YoungGunz.net, Battlefield Heroes, or Electronic Arts.

Added: October 27th 2009
Reviewer: AmericanEagle301
Score: 9  
Related Link: Battlefield Heroes Website
Hits: 3608
Language: english


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Battlefield Heroes
Posted by Rainman on 2013-02-17 23:21:56
My Score: 10  

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Battlefield Heroes
Posted by Rainman on 2013-02-17 23:21:33
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Battlefield Heroes
Posted by teon00 on 2012-04-17 04:13:16
My Score: 10  

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Battlefield Heroes
Posted by camper on 2009-11-08 15:52:32
My Score: 10  

this game rules!!!

Battlefield Heroes
Posted by AmericanEagle301 on 2009-10-28 15:57:22
My Score: 10  

Completed version is now up.

Battlefield Heroes
Posted by AmericanEagle301 on 2009-10-27 17:03:22
My Score: 10  

Problem when posting this...I'll have the completed version later..

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