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Battlefield Bad Company


In Battlefield Bad Company no one is safe, not that tank, not the gunner behind the sandbags, and defiantly not you. Its destructible environment adds a whole other layer of tactics to the game multiplayer, and a new fleshed out single player campaign doesn’t hurt either.


 With its custom frostbite engine Dice allows the player to blow up most everything in the game. Sniper towers can be reduced into ruble with a well place mortar or tank shell. Is that pretty little house in your way? Just use your grenade launcher to punch a whole straight through it.


 Unlike most other Battlefield games Bad Company has a full single player campaign, where you take the place of Private Preston Marlow. He has recently been transferred to 222nd regiment, B Company, a collection of misfits that the army sends in first as cannon fodder. You and your squad find out that they’re fighting a highly trained mercenary group who get paid in gold, as one thing leads to another you go a wall and chasing after the mercenaries’ pay check.


  The enemies aren’t the best soldiers in the world and sometimes you can catch them loitering around in the open waiting for you to double tap their head. It would also be more interesting if the AI would use cover more frequently so you could blow it to smithereens and shoot their surprised faces. Though there are enough enemies between you and your objective to make it fun and challenging. Instead of regenerating health you have to jab yourself with a needle every time your health gets low, although sticking yourself with a needle every 20 seconds somewhat breaks the realism.


 On top of the classic conquest multiplayer mode, Dice also created a new mode called gold rush. In gold rush there are two teams attackers and defenders, the defenders try to drain the attackers tickets before they destroy a series of gold crates. If the attackers succeed a larger area of the map opens and they push forward and repeat the process. There is also a plethora of weapons to unlock and 25 ranks to keep you coming back.


With its double whammy of a great multi and single player, Battlefield Bad Company is defiantly worth its wait in mercenary gold


Added: October 24th 2009
Reviewer: GreatOneFreak
Score: 9  
Hits: 3043
Language: english


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Battlefield Bad Company
Posted by teon00 on 2012-04-24 06:52:31
My Score: 10  

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Battlefield Bad Company
Posted by teon00 on 2012-04-17 04:13:44
My Score: 10  

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Battlefield Bad Company
Posted by GreatOneFreak on 2009-10-25 23:29:49
My Score: 10  

Here you go I spent a good amount of time on this, hope you like it. I'm going to write one for Borderlands as soon as I can get and finish it.

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